Pacific Cycle’s Cutting Edge Technology.. IF Mode and IF Reach

Some of the most innovative and maintenance-free folding bikes are manufactured by Pacific Cycle and this is because of their extreme emphasis on the design of their bikes. In addition to being some of the most durable and reliable commuter bikes, some of the designs of Pacific cycle’s folding bikes could be considered quality works of modern art.

Pacific cycle has just introduced two new members to their integrated folding (IF) family and these are the IF Mode, which is a full-size bike that folds and the other new addition Pacific cycle has added is the IF Reach model, a folding bike with 18 speeds at it only takes around 15 seconds to hold up or fold down to a surprisingly compact size. Weighing in at only 26 pounds, this bike is super lightweight, easy to carry, easy to store plus it is very fast.


The IF Mode has become massively popular because it is such a low maintenance bike. With this model, the 2 speed Schlumpf drive is sealed up inside the frame, which eliminates skipping chains and messy derailleurs. With this model you won’t have to worry about greasy chains anymore because the chain of this bike is completely sealed inside also and breaking spokes is another problem this model eliminated as the rims are made of three high quality aluminum flanges with no need for spokes. This model by Pacific Cycle is practically a no maintenance folding bike.

Saving Money With A Folding Bike…

3-ways-to-save-money-with-a-folding-bike-3There are many ways a folding bike will save you money. The following are just some of the many ways you can save money with a folding bike….

A folding bike is the most sensible and practical solution for all city . You don’t have to worry about parking fees, parking places or renting a parking space in a parking garage with a folding bike.

1.No Gasoline Expenses.

It is you that power your folding bike, not gasoline. This can add up to a lot of money in savings per year for commuters with a folding bike.

Plus the fact that you will be getting great exercise, having fun, and getting healthier and in better physical shape is just an added bonus because a folding bike is cheaper than a yearly gym membership.

2. Free Parking

This benefit will save you both time and money. You will have to rent a space in a parking garage and you also will have to wait in line to get to that space in the parking garage. You can fold your folding bike down and take it right with you to the office with no worries about it being stolen. You’re saving money, time, and also a lot of worries.

3. Low To No Maintenance Costs.

Maintaining a folding bike requires very little effort, and very little money. You might have to replace a tire every year or so but taking into consideration the maintenance costs of keeping an automobile in good running condition, it costd almost nothing to keep a folding bike in good working order. There is no better cost effective way to get around in the city that when a folding bike.

Why Folding Bikes Are Safe And Fun For Travelling

Thanks to recent manufacturing innovations, folding bikes are structurally just as stable as any conventional bike.

The best folding bike for commuting…

The Brompton folding bike is widely considered among dealers and customers to be the overall superior folding bike on the market today. They are made with the highest quality construction and workmanship, they are the most compact of all folding bikes when they are folded up. They can easily fit into the trunk of a car or a suitcase plus folding a Brompton is simple, quick and easy.

They are the perfect folding bike for commuters being ultralightweight and easy to fold up, they are known and popular for their long-term durability and its superior design along with its solid construction make it the best folding bike for commuters.